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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pilates Yoga and Balance Ball For Weight Loss

The Gaiam Sustainable Weight Loss Solution... Offered exclusively on Amazon, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss Begins the weight Loss process by reducing stress, a major contributor to overeating and a substantial barrier to weight loss... Suzanne Deason presents 3 fitness level variations that allow a person at any fitness level to begin enjoying the therapeutic benefits of Yoga, including the power to naturally loose weight and keep it off... Commit to follow this 45 minute program of safe, natural weight-loss methods and start looking and feeling great in no time!

Balance Ball for Weight Loss, and Pilate's core training and sculpting benefits are artfully fused with the cleansing benefits of Yoga... The Balance Ball, personal favorite of many fitness enthusiasts seeking a little fun in a workout, also serves to support the back and core... Balance Ball for Weight Loss supports the body allowing a person of any fitness level to build into a more strenuous Pilates Workout on the ball.

Pilates For Weight Loss, America's number 1 selling Pilates and number 1 selling weight loss program! Pilates is a dynamic system of exercise that integrates mind, body and breath to help you achieve your goals... Each exercise targets deep abdominal muscles to develop core stability while toning, strengthening and balancing your body... Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss offers two workout variations to focus on muscular isolation, breath awareness and correct movement... This method gives maximum results for all fitness levels and allows you to progress at your own pace.

Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss... By eliminating common reasons for skipping workouts and increasing your strength and metabolism Get Moving Walking for Weight Loss offers 4 ten minute calorie burning workouts designed to fit fat burning into anyone's busy schedule... Studies show that three 10-minute workouts deliver the same fitness and health benefits as a single 30 minute workout.

Each ten minute workout includes two minutes of strengthening to help you build and shape lean muscle, boost calorie burning efficiency and keep your fitness routine balanced.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Complete Yoga and Pilates Whole Body Workout

Each program works to improve flexibility, promote longer and leaner muscles, enhance strength, improve coordination, increase energy, prevent injury, resolve postural problems and allow you to achieve better body control... For thousands of years, people all over the world have used the simple movements of Yoga to achieve a more balanced life, both physically and mentally.

Pilates, another powerful form of conditioning, was developed over 80 years ago to help dancers condition their bodies for the rigors of performing, providing a full-body workout while enhancing core stability... Now you can receive the amazing benefits of both these timeless conditioning methods from certified instructors in Complete Yoga and Pilates.

This 4 DVD suite includes Basic Yoga: Strength and Flexibility, Power Vinyasa: Whole Body Workout, Basic Pilates Mat: Core Essentials, and Intermediate Pilates: Whole Body Conditioning. Watch your body, mind and spirit transform with Complete Yoga and Pilates on DVD. More Information

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pilates Mix and Power Yoga MTV Fitness Four Pack

Includes MTV Pilates Mix, MTV Pilates, MTV Yoga, MTV Power Yoga... Every serious exerciser should strive to achieve that which cannot be fully executed the first time (or first few times) a workout is tried... MTV's Power Yoga and Pilates Mix are very in touch with this concept in that they are difficult enough for even the most advanced of users, but include beginner and intermediate poses and options for those striving to become advanced... Exercisers at all levels will be challenged without being discouraged, and results are fast... The journey towards fully executing each pose with full power is an exciting experience.

Mcgee is an excellent instructor whos verbal cues are detailed enough to perform on without even watching the screen (for a newbie maybe after the first one or two times through watching, you could go without)... Yet, unlike some other DVDs I have tried, Mcgee is not overbearing or annoyingly repetitive with her instructions.

Customer Review: Awesome!

These workouts were great, the instructor is energetic and encouraging... The power yoga video was fast-pased (newcomers to yoga should probably watch it a few times before doing it), and the pilates mix were 2 great 30 min... Workouts if you are in a hurry... By far the best pilates and yoga workouts (video or in person) that I have ever done!

Customer Review: Excellent!

I've only tried the regular pilates and regular yoga DVDs (as opposed to Power Yoga and Pilates Mix) but I'm a beginner... They're definitely challenging but there are only one or two things that I can't do on them, one great thing that I love on these DVDs is that you don't have to pick and choose beginner or advanced levels between different DVD chapters or anything... There are 4 people doing the exercises and 1 is for beginner, 1 for advanced and 2 for intermediate.

If you can't do some of the exercises at one level, you can just watch another person and do them at a lower level... I think this is definitely a great item and definitely don't be afraid if you've never done pilates or yoga before (like me!). More Information

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Denise Austin Pilates and Yoga Trainer System

Whether youre a beginner or experienced with Pilates and Yoga, the Pilates and Yoga Trainer System has patented, bio-support technology that guides your body with perfect Pilates positioning to maximize your results... Even the most difficult Pilates coordination movements are easy with the Pilates and Yoga Trainer! It helps to reduce the risk of neck and back strain as it focuses in on the target ab zone... In no time at all, youre on your way to increasing your flexibility and getting that long, lean, sculpted body you desire!

System includes Pilates and Yoga Trainer Unit, Pilates and Yoga Workout DVD, Pilates and Yoga Exercise Guide, Pilates and Yoga Nutrition Guide, Large 24" X 66" Exercise Mat... Anyone who has ever tried Yoga or Pilates before knows that these two schools of conditioning are great fitness solutions that offer excellent results... The problem of course, is that most moves are difficult and maintaining proper form becomes hard... The Denise Austin Pilates and Yoga Trainer offers a great piece of equipment that helps you maintain proper form for a easier and more thorough workout.

The trainer is molded to offer maximum support when performing crunches, leg lifts, back stretches, and other moves where additional support is beneficial... After performing difficult moves with The Denise Austin Pilates and Yoga Trainer one notices the reduced strain on neck and back which allows you to truly focus on the target muscles... The trainer also comes with a workout DVD hosted by Denise Austin and exercise and nutrition guides.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student of Yoga and Pilates, The Denise Austin Pilates and Yoga Trainer gives you that added support you need... With the inclusion of a great DVD by the fitness expert herself, you get a terrific piece of equipment and an exceptional workout video giving you the total package for fitness success! More Information

Dynamic Yoga and Pilates Body 6-copy Sleeve Display...
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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yoga Pilates Mind Body Solutions Lower Body Conditioning

Sculpt and stretch your lower body with this set of three 30-minute, beginning-level workouts for the legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, lower back, and abs... Lower Body Yoga with Suzanne Deason presents a gentle series of yoga poses... A separate segment shows less flexible exercises how to modify the poses using a block and strap.

Pilates Lower Body Workout with Jillian Hessel targets the abs, thighs, lower back, and buttocks with a slow-paced series appropriate for novices... BalanceBall Lower Body Workout again features Suzanne Deason in a gentle workout focusing on the core muscles of the abs and back using a stability ball, with some lower-body exercises that use the ball for balance but rarely for resistance.

The workouts take place in peaceful, outdoor settings. Also included are interviews with the instructors... Recommended for beginning exercisers looking for a variety of approaches to their lower body, abdominal, and lower-back muscles.

Customer Review: Nice variety of workouts

All of the workouts are challenging, but enjoyable... I especially like the yoga workout... The scenery is beautiful, the instruction good (albeit fast for a beginner), and the workout, refreshing... The balance ball workout too has all the same ingredients, a nice balance to rotate into your workout schedule.

Customer Review: Choose yoga, Pilates, or stability ball to work the lower body

This DVD provides a nice variety of workouts for the lower body: a yoga practice, a Pilates practice, and a stability ball workout... The DVD is well-chaptered, with individual menus for each of the three workouts... The first workout, Yoga for Lower Body, has three sections, an introduction, a 25-minute yoga practice, and an explanation of modifications; start with the latter if you are relatively new to yoga.

Because instructor Suzanne Deason moves along at a somewhat brisk pace, I wouldn't recommend this practice for those with no prior yoga experience, as they are likely to have difficulties following along... The practice includes some nice standing balance poses such as dancer and half-moon, although Deason doesn't hold the postures for very long.

However, I enjoy Deason's calm, supportive manner and find her to be warm and engaging... Although I would prefer if she had held the poses a little longer, I love that I can do this varied practice when I'm short on time... This was my favorite workout on the DVD.

The Pilates Lower Body workout is led by Jillian Hessel, and it consists of an introduction, a short (1 minute) posture segment, Pilates matwork, and a balance challenge to finish... The workout begins with some nice foot a leg stretches while lying on your back... You then perform some of the tradition Pilates mat exercises, doing only those that focus mainly on the legs such as leg circles and bicycle... There also are some more unique moves such as opening and closing the legs in a stradle position.

Next comes the Pilates side kick series, including exercises that focus on both the outer and the inner thighs; there are also a few movements performed lying face down to work the back of the legs... The workout ends with a short standing balance segment, coming in at just under 29 minutes... This workout wasn't very challenging, but if you enjoyed the thighs segment from Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates, you will probably enjoy this as well... However, this was my least favorite workout on the DVD.

The final workout on this DVD is Balance Ball Lower Body... In this workout, instructor Suzanne Deason leads you through a nice, moderately challenging routine to work your lower body on the ball... She begins with a 5-minute instructional and warm-up section and then moves on to the 27-minute workout... The workout starts sitting on the ball for balance challenge work such as knee lifts and leg extensions, which Deason makes progressively more difficult... She also does some dips with the ball behind your back to work your butt, but I didn't feel much wiht this move.

Next comes some work lying face down over the ball, including leg lifts and extensions... At first, this felt easy to me, but Deason then goes on to more challenging moves from an elbow plank position, and I could really feel my butt working... Lying sideways over the ball for Pilates-like moves comes next; for some reason, this position did not feel comfortable to me... Deason finishes with some inner thigh work by holding the ball between your thighs in a seated position.

The final 5 minutes of the workout consist of stretching, including forward bends over the ball, bridge pose with your feet on the ball, and hamstring/leg stretches... Plus, Deason includes many stretches throughout the routine, making this a nice workout if you want to gently challenge your muscles while providing plenty of opportunity to make them more flexible as well.

Overall, I think this DVD provides great variety at a bargain price... The workouts are not overly challenging and are mostly appropriate for advanced beginners to intermediates... One final note is that the DVD includes a program reference guide which provides a complete list of exercises for each of the three workouts... Definitely a recommended purchase.
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